Welcome to Shining Stars Therapeutic Ministries!

Our mission is to provide therapeutic horsemanship programs to children, adults, and families with special needs in order to improve physical, mental, emotional, and social areas of their lives.

Our Vision: We exist to embrace our community with hope and unconditional love by serving individuals with special needs in order to develop strength, build confidence, and achieve goals. At Shining Stars, families get the therapy they need from the horses they love.



As we enter 2022, Shining Stars is celebrating its 18th year of therapeutic riding. By God’s incredible grace we continue to offer equine facilitated programs to children, adults and families with special needs.

In 2003 God spoke to my heart through verses in the book of Luke (14:12-14) “..but when you throw a banquet, invite the poor, the cripple, the lame and the blind, and you will be blessed.” This is an invitation by Jesus reminding us that everyone is welcomed by him. But my heart focused on the way he clearly highlighted those with physical disabilities. During that season of my life, I had just retired from a 20-year career with horses. I knew firsthand how God created a connection between humans and horses. So, with a team of volunteers that had a heart for God, a love for children, and an understanding of horses, Shining Stars was born.

Over the years many changes have transpired to help our programs grow. My husband Vaughn and I have had the privilege of serving alongside incredible and dedicated people that we consider God’s gift to us. Many of you reading this would fit into that category. And with all this in mind, I’m eager to announce that once again we are making plans that will help us grow in order to serve and care for more people.

For several years I have been praying for someone to step in as an Executive Director for Shining Stars. Someone with business experience who could oversee the administration, improve community outreach, administer grants, and work closely with our Board of Directors. Shortly, we will be actively seeking someone to fill that role. As founder, I plan to reposition myself as an adviser to the new CEO and to our Program Director, Rachel Stoner. I’m excited for the prospect of growth and I take this new role very serious. I believe that this program is a ministry, and this ministry belongs to the Lord.

My dear Shining Stars, I love you and I can’t wait to see God’s mighty miracles at work in 2022. I would ask that you join me, our staff, and Board, in earnest prayer as we continue to build what God started and the direction He has placed on our hearts for the growth of Shining Stars.

   Brandy Crago

Gal. 6:14 “But God forbid that I should glory except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ..”


Therapeutic Riding

Our riding programs help children and adults get unique rehabilitative therapy. Students work on physical, social, emotional, & cognitive concepts as they ride & receive instruction geared to their individual needs. Classes are small, relaxed, friendly, and a lot of fun.



Therapeutic Cart Driving

The Driving Program is open to students of all ages who cannot mount a horse for various reasons, such as size/weight, emotional issues, or wheelchair confinement. Specially-equipped carts have safety features for wheelchair students.



Silver Stars

Silver Stars offers a variety of ways to incorporate horses into a physical routine that helps to strengthen muscles. Silver Stars provides equine therapy effective in helping older folks who suffer from depression, feelings of agitation, anxiety, and other psychological issues.


Stars & Stripes for Veterans

Stars and Stripes is an innovative program designed for military veterans’ needs. All veterans, from any era, are welcome to participate with us in “natural horsemanship” and many other therapeutic endeavors, including grooming and horse behavior.

We also offer special needs Ministries & Fellowship opportunities:

Pappy’s Project • Summer Horse Camps